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The unstable nature of the Stability Cushion makes it an ideal tool for establishing and reinforcing balance, stability and proprioception while gaining core strength.

Great for use with everyone, from rehab clients to professional athletes, to those looking improve their posture and core strength. On these stability cushions exercises can be performed in standing, kneeling, seated, supine and prone positions.

Work your abs from the chair of your choice with a posture-improving Cushion Stability. The Balance Disc engages your core muscles while sitting and can also be used for strengthening exercises in your chair or on the floor. By controlling the firmness of the cushion, you can adapt it to your fitness needs and sitting comfort. Pump included.

Manufactured from Hypoallergenic PVC - free rubber and highly durable


  • Strengthen your core and improve posture as you sit comfortably
  • Use with a variety of strength and balance exercises
  • Control the disc’s firmness to increase your workout challenge

Dimensions - 35cm.

Package Included

1 x Inflatable Yoga Balancing Ball Pad
1 x Inflator