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Burn More Calories with Less Time with our Sport Jump Rope

Test your body to the limits with our infamous Sport Jump Ropes. The Rope is not your usual skipping rope; it has been carefully designed to enhance strength, endurance and power for all levels of skill, gender and age groups. 

This rope offers superior feel and comfort, allowing you to get the most out of your workouts and maintain your slick routines. The Jump Rope weighs in at an optimal 133g and is built with lightweight, ergonomic handles.


Item Description

1. Foam handle, sweat absorption, comfortable to feel;
2. PVC rubber material;
3. Bearing design to prevent rope winding in skipping;

Product name: 3m/9.84ft Bearing Fitness Skipping Jump Rope with Foam Handle
Material: PVC+ rubber + bearing
Weight: about 133g
Length: 3m/9.84ft
Color: black, red, blue

Package Included

1 X Skipping Jump Rope