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Increase Your Speed, Agility, and Strength with This Ladder Agility Speed

Sports Agility Ladders are best for adults, kids who want to get fit & gain a competitive advantage in baseball, football, running, tennis, ice hockey, rugby or any team sport requiring speed, quickness of feet & alertness.

Use in HIIT, CrossFit or your home gym, securing with the included four rust-resistant metal pegs on grass. Pack all the gear in its carrying bag to store when done.

Add fun & variety to your cardio workout with a progressive exercise plan using our foot ladder. This can help with safe weight loss while improving your coordination & heart health.

Agility training for the elderly helps strengthen core joints to improve balance & mobility, aid better movement & prevent injury from falls that can occur as you age. It also engages both mind & body coordination as you learn to focus on every move.

Easily carry this kit to the gym, field or at home with the included easy-carry mesh bag. This is the ideal kit to get training started and perform better every day.

Material: PP material
Straps Material: Durable Nylon
Rung Quantity: 5/8/10/11
Length: 3/4/5/6 Meter
Rung color: Yellow

Item Description

5-rung heavy duty design that last for years
Adjustable flat plastic rungs for safety
Durable nylon straps
Carry bag to keep it organized
Material: PP material
Rung color: Yellow

Ladders Quantity: 5

Size: about 2.7m/106.3"

Package Included

1 x Football Training Ladder